Shopping list – Items our shelves are short of…

If you would like to donate food to us, this is what we would like.
Food can usually be brought to the Congregational Church office on weekday mornings. There is also a collection point in the Co-op near the tills, the Nationwide Building Society, Halifax Building Society, Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Waitrose, B&M Stores and all local churches also have collection points.

After a stock check, no more sauces to go with pasta, beans or soup please. 

After an extremely busy couple of weeks we are now desperate for:-
UHT Semi-skimmed Milk

Small bags of sugar,

Jars of jam, marmalade, peanut butter, meat or fish paste.

Tinned minced beef and onion, stewed steak, curry, chilli con carne

Tinned ham, spam, bacon grill.

Tinned veg, carrots, green beans, brussel sprouts.

Tinned potatoes, smash, instant potato powder.

Tins ravioli, Macaroni cheese, 

Tins of fruit, pots of fresh fruit.

Packets of instant custard, tins of custard, cartons of ready use custard.

Tins of rice pudding.

Packets of sweet biscuits, digestive, bourbon creams, rich tea, etc.,

Any sweets for children.

If you have something else you wish to give, please contact us first as we may not be able to use it. It is very time-consuming to dispose of items that we cannot use. Thank you for your co-operation. 

Please note, we definitely cannot use:

Please check the date on the base of tins, sides of packets, top of jars or neck of bottles.

Please remember if you give us out of date foods they will end up in the dustbin.

Thank you for your support. Our clients and volunteers really appreciate your donations.