Summer Holiday Blues

Friday 12 July 2019

Summer holidays have now started for Leicestershire schools. Good news for children and teachers but for parents who are struggling to make ends meet it can be a worrying time. Those whose children have free school meals during term time now have the prospect of six weeks when they have to provide more meals for their children. The Jubilee Foodbank found that requests for help increased significantly for families with children under 16 during August last year, and expect a similar rise this year.

The Jubilee Foodbank was set up in 2012 to support families and individuals in Market Harborough who are in food crisis and has found the need has grown over the years. Referrals come through various sources in the town including Citizens Advice, Harborough District Council, Homestart and local doctors. 

Several charities have supported the foodbank’s increasing demands on its service and its need to move premises. Recently, the Howard Watson Symington Memorial Charity, and the Market Harborough and Bowdens Charity have given significant support to help the foodbank. Now, non-perishable food will help Jubilee Foodbank to meet the summer holiday demands. 

Liz Mills, Chair of Jubilee Foodbank Committee, said: “We are asking the people of Market Harborough to support the Foodbank at this difficult time for families. If everyone bought something extra to donate when they are shopping we would have enough to cover the expected requests for help. Check out our website or our Facebook page for current shortages.”

Items needed include cereals, UHT milk, tinned food such as meat, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, rice pudding; jars of jam, marmalade or fish paste. No fresh or frozen foods. Collection points for donated food are at Sainsburys, Co-op, Waitrose, B & M, Halifax Building Society, Nationwide Building Society and Congregational Church Office.