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Hello all,

Now that harvest collections are coming in its refreshing to know that our supporters out there have excelled themselves by giving more and more this year to allow our front liners to fulfil every order with first class groceries, Thank you.  

Rice pudding, small teabags (40s),

small jars coffee, custard tinned or instant,

potatoes mash or tinned,

Any tinned meat, hot dogs, meat pies, chicken in white sauce,

Packets of sweet biscuits, chocolate biscuits.

Straight  spaghetti only, we have loads of pasta all shapes.

White rice, Uncle Bens etc

small bags sugar, Angel Delight or similar, and tins of fruit,

Corn flakes, Shredded wheat, Rice Crispies, Weetabix,

variety cereal packs (we use these for the homeless bags)

After a stock check, no more sauces to go with pasta, pasta, beans or soup please.

Thank you for your help. 


We have donation collection points in the Coop Foodstore near the tills, Sainsbury’s near to the customer service, Waitrose near the tills, The Halifax Building Society and the Nationwide Building Society in the High Street. Most of the churches in town also have bins.