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Jubilee Foodbank


The Jubilee Foodbank was founded in 2012 when it was thought that there might be need for a foodbank in Market Harborough and here we are in 2017 busier than ever.

If you listen to Market Harborough’s own radio station HFM, Dave Irvings morning show you can hear the latest requirements of the Foodbank. 

Food that is donated to one of the collection points, Congregational Church Reception area, the Nationwide Building Society, any of the towns churches & the Coop Foodstore, Sainsbury’s  and all food is accessed for suitability, and condition, any tins that are dented , jars that have been opened or packets that are damaged are rejected. Food is then put into the respective store based on the date year, any food that is short dated will go on a table so that the front line volunteer can take this out first. Recently we have been getting food that is 4-5 years out of date, we could never send out food with history like that.