Sad News

It is with great sadness that the Jubilee Foodbank reports that we have lost one of our key volunteers and founders: Colin Sole. He passed away last weekend.
Colin was involved in the creation of the foodbank in 2012. He was determined and hardworking. He worked for the foodbank to the end. 
He will be greatly missed both because of his personality and his practical support. Colin managed the food store team so that everyone has a role. You may not know that Colin also created and managed the foodbank website.
Many of you will know of Colin’s involvement in other groups such as Movie Makers. At The Congregational Church he managed the building and premises for many years. He was always a key member of the congregation.
Our thoughts are with Colin’s wife and family at this time. 



Our food store is now very low in:

Please help us to help others.



Donation Points

We have donation collection points in the Coop Foodstore near the tills, Sainsbury’s near to the customer service, Waitrose near the tills, both B&M stores, The Halifax Building Society and the Nationwide Building Society in the High Street, the Congregational Church Office, and most of other churches in town also have bins.

We are very grateful for all your donations.



Why does Jubilee Foodbank need donations of money?

Jubilee Foodbank is run by volunteers and collects most of its food donations from local people. So, why does Jubilee Foodbank Market Harborough need money?

If you would like to donate money to the Jubilee Foodbank, please email jubileefoodbankmh@gmail.com

And, as always, we are grateful for your generosity. Without you, and our many volunteers, many people in Market Harborough would go without food.